If you’re a fan of the 1995 classic comedy Friday, you’ve probably wondered why one of the film’s most notable stars, comedian Chris Tucker, who played the character “Smokey,” wasn’t in any of the sequels. Well, on Wednesday, legendary rapper and Friday creator Ice Cube said his piece on the subject after comedian Faizon Love, […]

The movie industry is still hurting from the recent loss of AJ Johnson. His wife says since his passing she has received more fake love than real love.

According to Cube, production studio Warner Bros. is pumping the breaks on the success of his Friday franchise by refusing to produce any further content bearing the cult classic's name. On Friday (Feb 26), the "Good Day" rapper took to Instagram to air out the production house for "hi-jacking the happiness of the culture," after noting that the company has refused to make more sequels for the film.

Actor Tommy "Tiny" Lister, fame for his role as Deebo on cult classic movie Friday has passed away. He was 62.


Comedian Reynaldo Rey, probably best known for playing Red’s father in Friday, has passed away. He was 75. 

This particular 4/20 just happens to be inherently special for fans of the movie Friday because it commemorates the 20th anniversary for Ice Cube and Chris Tucker allowing us to laugh our asses off by showcasing just a typical day in the hood. Taking a page from the legacy written by Cheech and Chong, the […]

Chris Tucker & Ice Cube In Talks for ANOTHER ‘Friday’ … Says DeBo Actor Tiny Lister, the actor who plays Debo in the Friday movies gave an exclusive to TMZ that he’s been in discussions about doing one more installment to the cult classic film that originally starred Chris Tucker alongside Ice Cube. Tiny claims […]