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Chris Tucker is explaining why he’s not interested in starring in any sequels to the 1995 classic “Friday.”

The actor and comedian known for his role as “Smokey” says to this day fans still ask him to star in a follow-up to the F. Gary Gray production but he refuses and would rather “make more classics” instead.

He tells V-103’s Ryan Cameron and Rashan Ali,

“I appreciate that they want me to do another one…I appreciate that it’s a classic, that was my first movie and I wanted it to be good…but we’re gonna do some new stuff and make more classics.”

He also adds that he never wanted to do a sequel to the original and would rather star in more serious roles that aren’t made for Black comics.

“I always wanted to keep moving, do something different…I really wanna do some serious stuff. A lot of people haven’t seen that side of me…I’m looking forward to doing that different type of stuff.”

Listen to Chris tell Ryan Cameron and Rashan Ali why he won’t star in “Friday” below.