It’s been almost a decade since Guru (R.I.P) of the legendary Hip-Hop rapper/producer tandem Gang Starr passed away. And though he left behind a legacy that the heads truly appreciate, we wouldn’t object to the release of some new material that Gifted Universal Rhymes Unlimited and DJ Premier might’ve kept in the vault.

There are some dream collaborations that Hip-Hop purists would gladly pay to see come to fruition. Right at the top of that list is the long delayed but still very much anticipated Nas album solely produced by DJ Premier. Even though many years have passed since they originally presented the concept, Premo recently confirmed that […]

DJ Premier is one of, if not THEE greatest Hip-Hop producer of all time. So it’s only fitting that Nardwuar delve into the New York legends past on a quick stroll down memory lane. But where exactly do you start? Since arriving on the scene in the mid 80’s and being a lifelong fan of […]

DJ Premier Speaks On Vinyl Vs. Serato (Video) DJ Premier proclaims that if you are a DJ in today’s world and you want to rock with vinyl, you should have at least 1000 records minimum. And although he vows that Serato is one of the greatest inventions ever, the right to use it is a […]

Legendary producers Pete Rock and DJ Premier sat down in an interview to discuss their longevity in Hip-Hop. In an interview with in Japan, the two discussed how Hip-Hop in the ‘90s changed the game forever. “We bloomed like flowers in the nineties,” Pete Rock said. “So it was basically our time to show […]

Solar, the producer in the middle of the controversy surrounding the death of rapper Guru, is facing more internet attacks. As previously reported devoted fans and followers of Guru started a website dedicated to discrediting Solar’s name and image called after he released an infamous “last letter” from his partner and longtime friend. Now […]

Fans of Guru launch a website based solely on “exposing” producer Solar. According to the website,, they have taken to the web to let fans know the “truth” regarding the inconsistencies surrounding Guru’s death. “Welcome to, the site that Solar is going to hate. We will follow Solar till his A$$ gets in […]

One day after the world received the shocking news that legendary emcee Guru lost his long time battle with cancer, partner in rhyme and longtime friend DJ Premier issued a statement regarding Guru’s legacy and how he feels about the questionable “final” letter that was supposedly written by Guru hours before his death. Below is […]

Amid controversy surrounding the authenticity of a final letter from the late Keith “Guru” Elam, the family of the Hip-Hop veteran has decided to release a statement. Guru’s sister Patricia Elam has released a statement that she wants circulated to his dedicated fans detailing his final days before succumbing to his illness. Although formal and […]

Hip-Hop fans, we’re sad to report that we’ve lost another legend as Gangstarr’s Keith “Guru” Elam lost his fight with cancer on Monday. The veteran MC was 43-years old. His production and business partner Solar released a statement saying: “The world has lost one of the best MCs and Hip-Hop icons of all-time — my […]