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Solar, the producer in the middle of the controversy surrounding the death of rapper Guru, is facing more internet attacks.

As previously reported devoted fans and followers of Guru started a website dedicated to discrediting Solar’s name and image called after he released an infamous “last letter” from his partner and longtime friend.

Now things have been taken up a step further with his personal emails being leaked to his Twitter account to present reportedly damning evidence against him.

Solar’s Twtitter account, @ Solar_7Grand was hacked Friday, May 7th by an unknown source who presented several of  the producer’s emails including some he sent days after his friend’s death speaking on his newfound fame and several that speak of a reported statement from Guru to be sent out to blogs and websites.

Now responding to the situation is Solar’s PR Team Yo! Promotions, who also promoted Guru. The PR Company sent over a statement to HipHopWired saying,

“Yo! Promotions maintained the highest ethical standards during our representation of Guru and Solar as clients. It is our company’s policy to verify all information contained in every client press release and/or official statement before distribution. Yo! Promotions has always followed these professional guidelines and will continue to do so in the future.”

The CEO of Yo! Promotions Kai Denninger also spoke on Guru’s death saying,

“It was an honor for Yo! Promotions to work with Guru on his last projects and we will sorely miss him, both from a personal and from a professional standpoint. Our warmest condolences to Guru’s family, Solar, 7 Grand Records, and Guru’s loved ones.”

For more on this developing story visit Solar’s Twitter page here

Why hasn’t this account been shut down yet???

How odd.