On September 21st, 1993, De La Soul released their third LP, Buhloone Mindstate, on Tommy Boy Records. De La Soul and Prince Paul produced yet another magnum opus in the vein of the their first two albums but like their previous efforts it was completely different. Twenty years since its release, it is still a high watermark for […]

Grand Theft Auto V finally hit stores yesterday and by the already overwhelming response it seems the game was more than worth the wait. So much so that gamers resorted to impersonating police in order to skip a line – yes, the thirst is real. Nevertheless V  is actually the fifteenth installment in this epic series. […]

Today (July 17), is the late Keith “Guru” Elam’s birthday. Rest In Power.  I’m old enough to remember back when Mike Dee & Keithy E left for New York in order to eventually land Gang Starr Posse a deal with K-Tel/Wild Pitch Records in 1987. Back then Boston’s Hip-Hop and Rap music wasn’t being acknowledged […]

Three years ago, Hip-Hop lost Keith “Guru” Elam of Gang Starr fame. The Boston bred, Brooklyn representing MC’s legacy will be cherished and today we get a look at the electronic press kit from Gang Starr’s 1991 album Step In The Arena, and it’s loaded with jewels. 

Homage should only be bestowed to the deserving, and with that we receive a tribute to fallen Gang Starr MC Keith “Guru” Elam, affectionately titled “G.U.R.U.” Almost three years after his death, producer Marco Polo and the legendary DJ Premier connect to create a groove that perfectly embodies both of their styles.

Few of you that are now reading this know that around the same time I’d originally decided to go back into having a personal blog (which later became Bastard Swordsman) the news came down that Guru was in a coma and his life was hanging in the balance. I was in complete shock. I’m an […]

Papoose returns with another tribute paying homage to a few people we lost last year like Guru, Gary Coleman, Teena Marie, Lina Horne, and Huddy 6. Also Click Here To Check Out More Hot New Music Daily!!!

Solar, the producer in the middle of the controversy surrounding the death of rapper Guru, is facing more internet attacks. As previously reported devoted fans and followers of Guru started a website dedicated to discrediting Solar’s name and image called FawkSolar.com after he released an infamous “last letter” from his partner and longtime friend. Now […]