What has undoubtedly been a troubling year for Katt Williams has just gotten a little worse. The comedian turned actor-rapper has just been arrested for the second time this year after authorities in Newnan, Georgia claim the funny man was cited for having been involved in a disturbance at a local Wal-Mart. Members of Newnan […]

A racially charged campaign between young, former Georgia State Senator Kasim Reed and Mary Norwood has ended. Reed has captured a majority of the vote and is, in all likelihood, Atlanta’s 59th mayor. The Era of Black mayors in the Capital of the South continues! In a statement made to the press and supporters during […]

Clayton County’s School system is no stranger to scandal, especially with their latest jaunt into lunacy, proving that the ignorance that landed the sub-par school system into hot water only one year ago, is here to stay. In their most recent foray into the ridiculous, county leaders within the school system are investigating allegations that […]

Racism was once the only ideological mechanism that was thought to power the illogical and inconceivable hate displayed toward President Obama. Recently that method of thinking has been debunked by a pair of Democratic researchers, whom offer a more sinister, silly explanation of what drives right wing nut jobs. Stan Greenberg conducted a study into […]

Soulja Boy’s preparing to perform Saturday at the BET awards in Atlanta and has been active on Twitter asking his fans to vote for the song he should perform. Now just a day before the main event he’s making headlines for being arrested. Although it’s been kept under wraps, Soulja Boy was arrested

The violence that befell Tasha Hill at a Georgia Cracker Barrel have ignited the flames of change nationally as outside forces are taking actions to make sure that hatred, intolerance, and bigotry are “officially” outlawed in public. Known for its specific brand of injustice, Cracker Barrel has been a hotbed for racially motivated incidents, with […]

Three-time Grammy winner MC Hammer and leading mail-in buyer of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum from the general public, Cash4Gold, have teamed up to raise money for hunger relief organization Feed The Children in the wake of not just recent widespread flooding across Georgia, but also devastating natural disasters in the Philippines, American […]

What seemed to a an everyday bus route for several Georgia teens quickly turned bizarrely frightening when an naked, angry man highjacked a school bus. The incident occurred Thursday afternoon when a man jumped through an open window at a bus stop to let students off. According to CNN, the man drove the bus for […]

A 23-year-old Georgia man was convicted on terror-related charges after five-hours of deliberating, prosecutors said. Ehsanul Islam Sadequee of an Atlanta suburb was found guilty after a seven-day trial on four counts of supporting terrorism and a foreign terrorists organization, CNN reports. Just weeks ago, a federal judge convicted Sadequee’s accomplice, Syed Haris Ahmed, of […]

Georgia Democratic Congressman, David Scott, found a swastika spray painted on the sign outside his office on Tuesday (August 11). Scott believes the defacing of his sign is a refection of growing racial tension over the controversial health care policy. Members of Scott’s staff in Smyrna, Georgia arrived Tuesday morning and discovered a Nazi swastika […]

Everyone looking for a new beginning need only wait for a matter of hours before time will start anew, figuratively and logistically speaking, as 2010 is upon us. As millions of American get ready to party and welcome a new year and the mystery associated with it, many would be remised to know that not […]