Gilbert Arenas won himself no favors today after his Instagram post regarding WNBA players’ looks went viral.

Gilbert Arenas isn’t getting what he expected from WNBA players. Arenas wants to watch half-naked “cutie pies” play professional basketball, but all he sees is lesbian “ bean pies.”


Gilbert Arenas earned a boatload of money during his NBA career, but he believes he got scammed. Agent Zero is suing the company he paid to watch over his fortune for $40M. 

VH1 Basketball Wives stars Laura and Gloria Govan have been blessed with the genes to have any man they want and cursed to live the life that typically comes along with it.

A lot has changed in the NBA since 2009. The Washington Wizards were a promising young team at the time but the adjective regarding their age eventually was their undoing. On Christmas Eve of that year, Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton engaged in an infamous standoff in D.C.’s Verizon Center with loaded guns.


Gilbert Arenas takes his reputation seriously enough to involve lawyers. Agent Zero is suing his baby mama, Laura Govan, for libel, saying her claims he gave her STDs is false. 


Gilbert Arenas had the foresight to ensure that his baby mama, reality star Laura Govan, couldn’t talk ish about him to the press. She did—allegedly leaking e-mails to a blogger—and now he’s taking her to court. 

Gilbert Arenas is tired of getting dragged on social media over his break up from ex, Laura Govan, who is also the mother of four of his children. Arenas went on Instagram yesterday to deny being a deadbeat dad, and to put Govan on blast for (allegedly) using  $20,000 in monthly child support checks to […]

You still have to keep tabs on your bank accounts, even if you pay someone to do that. Gilbert Arenas learned this the hard way since his old assistant has been convicted of stealing $2.1M from the former NBA star. 

Former basketball star Gilbert Arenas has been linked to some messy, public relationships by the way of Basketball Wives LA cast members Laura Govan and Draya Michele. With recent rumors surfacing that Arenas was the father of Draya’s son, Arenas took to social media to clear the chatter and explain his side of things.

Gilbert Arenas is no longer allowed to play those hoops games at the Orange County Fair, because he won all the damn prizes. Go figure.

Did it really have to come to this, Agent Zero? Last year, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas decided to attack a helpless Mercedes with a cinder block in order to spite its previous user, his baby mama Gloria Govan.