Washington Wizards player, Gilbert Arenas was released from a halfway house this morning after completing his one month sentence stemming from a felony gun charge. Arenas, who plead guilty to felony gun possession in January, was ordered to spend a month in a halfway house after he reportedly brought two guns to the Wizards locker […]

NBA star Gilbert Arenas may have avoided jail time for his conviction on the gun charges stemming from a locker-room confrontation with a teammate, but he is not completely out of the water. Yesterday (March 26) District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin ordered that Arenas spend 30 days in a halfway house […]

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Both Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton can kiss their aspirations for the rest of this year goodbye now that commissioner David Stern has decided to suspend them both for the rest of the season. Commissioner Stern has suspended both Arenas and Crittenton for having guns in the locker room. The Commissioner made the announcement after […]

Javaris Crittenton is following in teammate Gilbert Arenas’ footsteps and has been charged with a misdemeanor in their infamous locker room scandal. Authorities wanted to charge the Washington Wizard with a felony, “unlawful possession of a firearm” but have now settled for a misdemeanor charge of “attempting to carry a pistol without a license.” Crittenton […]

We knew the NBA was out of control with Gilbert Arenas toting weapons to work as if his job was in some dangerous crime ridden environment but apparently one man has had enough of the foolishness as well.  Don “Moose” Lewis, commissioner of The All-American Basketball Alliance, wants to set up a “whites only” basketball […]

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Gilbert Arenas was charged with felony gun possession for the infamous locker room incident with a teammate in December. He was charged Thursday with one count of carrying a pistol without a license and could face as much as five years in prison. As previously reported Arenas first made headlines after pulling a gun on […]

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Gilbert Arenas is using his newly acquired free time, having just been suspended indefinitely from the NBA, to air out one of America’s least famous civil leaders. Just one day before NBA Commissioner David Stern commenced to halt Arenas’ cash flow, Reverend Al Sharpton suggested that the NBA lower the proverbial hammer on the All-Star […]

What’s deemed as fun and games for some is perceived by others as negative conduct that must be addressed Gilbert Arenas and his problems with firearms has resulted in the Washington Wizards player being indefinitely suspended from the league, as was reported Wednesday by the NBA commissioner. Stating that Arenas’ behavior made him unfit to […]

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