Gov. Chris Christie

Roland Martin called out Trump's confidant over his previous support of the former President during a panel discussion where Chris Christie claimed that he felt the Republican Party was moving away from false claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is once again igniting a push to bring wanted fugitive Assata Shakur back to American shores. Gov. Christie wrote an op-ed that was published Wednesday (Mar. 23) demanding President Barack Obama to urge officials in Cuba to no longer grant Shakur political asylum and have her face justice. 

Today (March 1), this Super Tuesday, the world witnessed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie become a meme. Standing behind Donald Trump as he gloated about his wins on this evening (five primaries), Christie looked like a man who had spotted the jig, but has no place to run and hide. 

Here’s something you probably didn’t see coming. New Jersey governor and #BlackLivesMatter hater Chris Christie, who recently euthanized his own struggle campaign, has endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP nomination.

New Jersey Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie has drawn the ire of #BlackLivesMatter activists by openly refusing to speak with leaders of the movement. Christie took the “All Lives Matter” stance during a campaign stop in Iowa on Wednesday. 

The next presidential election is a good three years away but frontrunners on the Democratic team are two people vastly familiar with the Obama administration. Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have emerged as the two main presidential hopefuls.

The Republican Party is serious about their push to draw support from minority voters. Coming off two back-to-back presidential losses, and the damage done by Mitt Romney’s White House bid, the Republican National Committee revealed yesterday, that they will  shell out $10 million in an attempt to diversify the party.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a full week since Cory Booker announced that he would partake in a short-lived food stamps challenge, but the end is near. Booker has been keeping the public informed of every stomach pain, caffeine withdrawal, and epiphany usually brought on by a quote from one lauded historical figure, […]

Don’t tell Rush Limbaugh, but President Obama is still on Chris Christie’s good side. The New Jersey governor placed a phone call congratulating the president on his re-election, but the most awkward part is all Mitt Romney got was an email.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is making it easy for residents in the state to cast their ballots. The region has not quite recovered from Superstorm Sandy, prompting Christie to allow voting via email or by fax, as announced over the weekend. Voters can download a ballot before submitting it to their local county clerk’s office. […]

Election Day is next week, but Rudy Giuliani wants the president to throw in the towel now. The former New York mayor blasted President Obama’s decision to go back out on the campaign trail after Hurricane Sandy destroyed many areas on the East Coast.

One day after viewing the devastation leftover by Sandy, the superstorm that ravaged parts of the East Coast, President Obama is back on the campaign trail. The president is billed to hit Wisconsin, Colorado, and Nevada Thursday (Nov. 1), and will focus the brunt of his statements on security for the middle class.