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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a full week since Cory Booker announced that he would partake in a short-lived food stamps challenge, but the end is near.

Booker has been keeping the public informed of every stomach pain, caffeine withdrawal, and epiphany usually brought on by a quote from one lauded historical figure, via Twitter and his blog.

In day six of the challenge, the 43-year-old has had it with his limited menu. From his blog:

Today is my 6th day of the SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] Challenge; my 6th sweet potato; my 6th day of canned beans; and, my 6th day of canned veggies. I still like those foods but I found myself craving some variety. I realize when you find food on sale or buy in bulk, you can end up eating a lot of the same thing over and over.

But it’s not all talk of sweet potatoes and canned protein options, he’s still learning lots about being among the working class Americans in need of assistance to feed their families:

As my food supply dwindles, I am keenly aware that millions of Americans face food insecurity and hunger on a daily basis. I am deeply concerned, and believe our nation needs to be more attentive and engaged. The SNAP program is at great risk for budget cuts as Washington pares federal spending to avert a year-end fiscal crisis. These cuts to SNAP funding could mean millions of more Americans – families with children, families with elderly and veterans – will live with less food, less options, and less hope.

Food stamps aside, Booker is also in the news for potentially running for governor of New Jersey, against Chris Christie. “We think to any Democrat — Christie is vulnerable,” Booker told CNN.  “There’s a lot of issues in the state he’s not falling in line with, from women’s issues, from environmental issues, from really going in a balanced way.”

Null of an official announcement that he’s running for governor, Booker pretty much sealed the deal with an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation over the weekend, where he admitted that while he’ll make a final decision in the next couple of weeks, he’s “absolutely considering running for governor.”

He’s also pondering entering the Senate, and with all the positive press he’s been receiving, and strengthened public appeal thanks to his SNAP  challenge, the political options appear to robust for Booker.

Check out his latest vlog entry below.

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