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The United States government is putting some added respect on our culture’s name. The U.S. Senate has designated November as Hip-Hop History Month.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum announced on Tuesday (June 6) that is has won a bid on a building in Harlem, New York, and will launch a $150 million campaign to build the site. The non-profit is aiming its effort to open the museum, which will feature historic artifacts and exhibits as it relates […]

As 2014 basks in its waning moments, Iggy Azalea is learning the bittersweet truth about the cost of fame, firsthand. Although she’s enjoyed copious amounts of breakout success; more than countless acts before her, nearly every win she’s scored has spawned a public spectacle that sets her back.

Large Professor kicked knowledge with Hip-Hop Wired about his new album, Professor @ Large. He spoke on guest appearances including Busta Rhymes and Action Bronson and more. Hit the jump to check it all out.

Eleven years ago, Large Professor was dead in the middle of the most famous rap battle in Hip-Hop history between Jay-Z and Nas. Once Jigga rapped “I showed you your first tech, on tour with Large Professor,” the legendary producer was now entrenched in the verbal war between the two formal rivals.