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The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum announced on Tuesday (June 6) that is has won a bid on a building in Harlem, New York, and will launch a $150 million campaign to build the site. The non-profit is aiming its effort to open the museum, which will feature historic artifacts and exhibits as it relates to Hip-Hop, in its birthplace sometime in 2018.

From the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum’s press release:

The HHHOF development team anticipates completing the building acquisition process over the next few months, and is making pre-development preparations to move right into the redesigning of the building’s exterior and interior infrastructure in the ‘phase I’ plan set to open in February 2018. ‘The preliminary plan includes a ground floor themed HHHOF café, gallery, visitors bureau, and retail gift store with a second floor HHHOF museum, event space, offices, and multi-media studio for film and television content production in partnership with the HHHOF Arts & Media Youth Academy students that will be training for careers in tech and media, while producing real-life content for the museum, and the hip hop television channel network’, stated JT Thompson the Creator and Executive Producer of the first ever Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV show that aired on BET Network in the 1990s, and Founder of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum.

Phase II planning will include a full scale design and build development of the total site that could be approximately 20 stories high and include The Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum & Hotel Entertainment Complex design concept that features the Hall of Fame, Museum, 5 Star Hotel, Retail Mall & Gift Shop, Arcade, TV Studios, Sports Bar, Restaurant & Concert Lounge with a goal of serving up to 1,000,000 local, national, and international visitors annually including music fans, tourists, students, culture enthusiasts, and families on educational & entertainment excursion tours. The HHHOF envisions a state of the art ‘Green Technology & Energy Conservation’ Museum building project that will aggressively explore and utilize all of the available cost and energy saving technologies and mechanisms that are currently in the marketplace.

Aside from the music and culture, the HHHOF also plans to address the K-through-12 demographic with educational seminars and coursework, expanding that curriculum to cover all ages. The museum’s organizers also say that hundreds of jobs could come to the region as a result and will bolster the local economy.

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