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As 2014 basks in its waning moments, Iggy Azalea is learning the bittersweet truth about the cost of fame, firsthand. Although she’s enjoyed copious amounts of breakout success; more than countless acts before her, nearly every win she’s scored has spawned a public spectacle that sets her back.

So when Q-Tip’s name was intertwined with hers thanks to the fire-breathing Azalea Banks, the end result was once again not in her favor. The Zulu Nation King went on a 140-Twitter crash course on the roots of Hip-Hop, with the Australian rapper’s handle attached to every single word.

Flip through the gallery below to see The Abstract’s comprehensive tweets, where you might learn something as well. Iggy has been silent on Twitter for more than 24 hours as her 99 problems have become something worth sprouting gray hairs over.

Photos: C.M. Wiggins/, Instagram/Q-Tip

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