HIV Positive

The recent cases of HIV-positive criminals refusing to keep their incurable diseases to themselves has been jaw-dropping. Add 58-year-old Clarence Terry to the list of generous spreaders of death as police say he traded heroin, crack cocaine and pain pills to a 16-year-old girl in exchange for her sexual services.

A Georgia pastor was found guilty Tuesday (January 21) of two counts of reckless HIV exposure, which is a felony. Craig Lamar Davis of Stone Mountain knowingly exposed two women to the disease after hiding his HIV-positive status from them.

The struggle at Lindenwood University in Missouri has reached extremely deadly levels after prosecutors are saying a former student/athlete knowingly stuck his HIV-positive dirty dong into at least 31 people, mostly–if not all–males. To add insult to their lethal injuries, he videotaped his illegal sex activities which prosecutors discovered on his laptop.

“a man of great faith who preaches the whole counsel of God,” according to the Web site for Refugre Temple Church of God in Christ. A minister in Shelybille, Kentucky had been sentenced for particular, questionable escapades after having sex with a 15-year-old boy. To top things off, the minister, James Bell, is HIV positive […]