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The struggle at Lindenwood University in Missouri has reached extremely deadly levels after prosecutors are saying a former student/athlete knowingly stuck his HIV-positive dirty dong into at least 31 people, mostly–if not all–males.

To add insult to their lethal injuries, he videotaped his illegal sex activities which prosecutors discovered on his laptop.


In October, Michael Johnson, 22, was charged with exposing sexual partners to HIV. Police later discovered multiple videos of Johnson having unprotected sex.

“On that laptop were 32 videos engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Johnson,” said Tim Lohmar, St. Charles County prosecutor.

Lohmar said Johnson can be seen with 31 unidentified people in videos taken over four months. Most of the videos were shot on the campus of Lindenwood University in St. Charles. Johnson has already been charged with five counts of knowingly transmitting the disease.

“It’s safe to safe that numerous of those videos were taken inside his dorm room; we know that because we recognize the furniture,”

Lohmar said most of victims not only likely had no idea they were being video-taped; they were clueless that Johnson had HIV.

Obviously the wrap-it-up campaign is still in full effect whether you’re white or Black, gay or straight, people.

Hit the gallery to see pics of Johnson, who went by the alias “Tiger Mandingo” on his social media accounts.

Photo: Instagram, YouTube

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