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Drake’s second annual Houston Appreciate Weekend recently transpired without a hitch but the Toronto native couldn’t have called it a complete success from the local populus.

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Few people will disagree that Bun B is one of most revered figures ever to embody Hip-Hop. Drake knows this better than anybody of for the second annual Houston Appreciation Weekend, he made it his first honor of business to honor the rap legend with a private tribute dinner held at the plush Astorian loft […]

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Drake tip-toed through last night’s “Houston Appreciation Weekend” performance at Warehouse Live, as the crowd reacted like he was from the city. But the superstar reciprocated the love with tons of surprises during his lengthy set.

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Drake has cooked up an apparel collection to accompany his first-ever “Houston Appreciation Weekend” and unveiled it just as he’s set to invade Texas’ largest city.


The BET Awards aren’t the only event Drake will be illuminating this summer.


When Drake first demanded national attention in 2009 with his instant classic mixtape, So Far Gone, listeners were immediately exposed to the Canadian’s love for his adopted home of Houston.