Indianapolis Colts

Big talent doesn’t always translate into titles and football has reminded us about that cold hard fact yet again. Once of the NFL’s brightest stars is calling it quits.

The New England Patriots reportedly played with 11 deflated footballs during the current NFL season, including in their 45-7 thrashing of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game to get to the Super Bowl.

During this past Sunday’s AFC Championship game between New England and Indianapolis, players from the Colts claimed the footballs used were no inflated to their capacity. A deflated football is easier to catch and throw, thus the trending topic “#DeflateGate” is now born.

The Indianapolis Colts are one way game away from heading to the Super Bowl but their young linebacker, Josh McNary is anticipating a different kind of battle.

One of the most prolific quarterback’s to ever play the game will be released by the only professional team he’s ever played for. Sources close to the Indianapolis Colts told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that the team will release Peyton Manning. The announcement will come at a press conference in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

One the heels of Alabama’s win over Florida, a legendary NFL coach is has taken to the airwaves in an effort to end what has become a very serious issue in the world of sports. Taking time out his of regular football analyst duties as a member of NBC’s pre-game show, Tony Dungy publicly decried […]