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During this past Sunday’s AFC Championship game between New England and Indianapolis, players from the Colts claimed the footballs used were no inflated to their capacity. A deflated football is easier to catch and throw, thus the trending topic “#DeflateGate” is now born.

Across Twitter, the #DeflateGate hashtag has sparked a series of conversations over whether or not the Patriots team purposefully deflated the balls. Two news outlets WCVB in Boston and Newsday, both reported on the complaints from the Colts regarding the footballs after a second-quarter interception.

The NFL has said it will look into the allegations, and it was reported by NBC sports that several balls from the game were removed as a result of not being inflated enough.

The Patriots are not formerly accused tampering with the footballs, although the trending topic isn’t doing anything for critics of the team who remember its earlier videotaping cheating scandal from 2007. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has deemed the #DeflateGate discussion as “ridiculous” and teammate Rob Gronkowski made fun of the topic by posting a photo on Twitter.

Hit the following pages to see the best #DeflateGate tweets. And, the Patriots destroyed the Colts 45-7. Ouch.

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