Jack Johnson Pardon

Jack Johnson, boxing’s first Black heavyweight champion, violated the Mann Act back in 1913 when he drove a white woman across state lines in his vehicle. Today, President Donald Trump, flanked by Sylvester Stallone and others, posthumously pardoned the legendary pugilist but some on Twitter viewed it as an empty act.

July 4th 2010 marks the centennial celebration of when the first Black Heavyweight Champion of the World defiantly turned back the challenge of the initial ‘great white hope’ in ‘The Fight Of The Century’ at Reno, Nevada. While most of ‘white’ Amerikkka celebrated their ‘independence’, Jack Johnson crashed their parade by knocking out their latest […]

Jack Johnson, the Black boxer whose defeat of the “Great White Hope” Jim Jeffries in 1910 was dubbed the “fight of the century, has fans more than 100 years later that are still fighting to clear his name. Jackson who died in a 1948 car crash was convicted of “transporting a woman across state lines […]