James Bond

According to Deadline, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson recently shared how they decided on the ending of how to kill Daniel Craig’s Bond character before alluding to

With the current Bond Daniel Craig bidding farewell to the role, Elba's name was once again tossed into the hat as some stated that he's too old for the role despite being younger than Craig is currently.


Who's the big baddy in this one? Well, it happens to be a facially scarred Mr. Robot (Rami Malek)

The latest trailer for No Time To Die, the latest James Bond flick, has arrived, and it's full of Black people. It's also jam-packed with action as Daniel Craig is literally ducking cars, jumping off bridges, shooting up SUV's and testing just how bulletproof his whip really is.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the big game featuring the NFL’s two best teams from their respected conferences isn’t the only reason folks tune in every year. The commercials or “big game ads” are also a pretty big deal as well, and quite a few of them have hit the web already, but […]


Earlier this week we got our first teaser trailer for Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond in No Time To Die, and now we get the full trailer and needless to say, it’s lit.


We are so ready to see Lashana Lynch take the reigns of the James Bond franchise but until that moment comes Daniel Craig still holds the title of 007 in the 25th installment of the decades long film series and today we got our first teaser for the upcoming trailer to No Time To Die.

James Bond is one of the most iconic film characters of all time and Daniel Craig’s version of the British super spy is nearing the end of his run. According to a number of reports, British actress Lashana Lynch will become the new Agent 007 in the upcoming Bond film.

Details about Agent 007 aka James Bond’s yet to be titled 25th theatrical adventure were revealed today. The event which took place in Jamaica the birthplace of many of the novels written by Bond’s creator Ian Flemming.

Idris Elba has been on the minds of many to be the next actor to take up the mantle of James Bond after Daniel Craig finally fulfills his contractual obligations to play the role. But any hope fans have held out that Elba would play the super spy were dashed by a simple one-word answer […]

Idris Elba has been the centerpiece of rumors that he would take over the iconic role of British super-spy James Bond once James Craig fulfills his contractual obligations in playing the character. Elba had a little fun over the weekend regarding the rumors via Twitter, but it seems that the chatter he’ll be taking on […]

James Bond, the legendary spy currently played in the modern Hollywood version by Daniel Craig, has been the subject of conversation and controversy ever since Idris Elba was rumored to be taking the role. The dashing Englishman is back in the conversation again as Bond film producer Barbara Broccoli said its time for an epic […]