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Idris Elba has been the centerpiece of rumors that he would take over the iconic role of British super-spy James Bond once James Craig fulfills his contractual obligations in playing the character. Elba had a little fun over the weekend regarding the rumors via Twitter, but it seems that the chatter he’ll be taking on 007’s daring adventures doesn’t mean he has the role on lock.

Despite a Bond film producer’s epic cosign that Elba should play Bond, nothing has been close to being officially announced. That didn’t stop Elba from taking a selfie photo and posted the image on Twitter with the caption “My name’s Elba. Idris Elba.”

But a few hours later, Elba fired back with, “Don’t believe the HYPE…” perhaps in a bid to get people to geek down or throw fans off the speculation trail. Either way, the prospect of Elba as the deadliest MI6 agent sounds promising, but it’s now a game of wait and see.

Photo: WENN