Jeff Bezos


Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos drew sharp criticism for his attack on a Black professor over her tweets regarding the late Queen Elizabeth II & her role in the British Empire's problematic legacy. Dr. Uju Anya of Carnegie Mellon University was unfazed, firing back at him and defending her stance.

On Tuesday (July 20), Bezos and a small crew launched into suborbital space for roughly four minutes and the mission was successful as hoped.


Billionaire philanthropist and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos might look like Lex Luthor on the outside but he’s every bit a Jimmy Olson on the inside. At least when it comes to Lizzo.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is in the center of a controversy regarding his affair and impending divorce, and he’s addressed the potential of blackmail by one of the nation’s top tabloids. In an op-ed piece, Bezos blasted the National Enquirer about threatening to leak nude photos of him and welcoming the fallout should it come.

Even Bill Gates doesn’t have Jeff Bezos money. The Amazon founder is officially the world’s richest person.