Jim Brown

Jim Brown is officially a resident of the Sunken Place. The NFL legend recently said he’s “pulling” for Donald Trump, the racist POTUS. 


It broke our heart when Jim Brown came out against NFL players taking a knee to protest racial injustice and police brutality. However, it seems like the NFL legend may have escaped the sunken place, for now. 


Jim Brown is an NFL legend, an accomplished actor and a devout activist. Nevertheless, he’s Team Donald Trump, even after Kanye West’s defection. 

Former NFL legend and human rights activist Jim Brown told CNN something that he’s never shared with anyone else before: White people have helped him.

Former Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown remains as one of the most legendary football players ever. But more than his play on the field, Brown has become known for his outspoken stances and displayed such after saying Kobe Bryant was “confused about culture” on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Jim Brown was a bad man. The Hall of Fame running back, who gave up his cleats for the silver screen has signed off the rights to filmmakers to produce a feature film about his whirlwind life, reports Deadline. Brown has commissioned Hal Lieberman to produce the flick. The yet untitled movie will be written […]