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Jordan Peele hasn't dropped a sequel to any of his blockbusters, but he could break that trend with NOPE.


As we count down the days until we finally see what Jordan Peele has in store for us when NOPE hits theaters on July 22, he’s giving his fans a little something to hold them over until the premiere of his highly-anticipated sci-fi film.

Jordan Peele’s latest film Nope had us all assuming that the film’s reluctant protagonist we’re looking up and saying NAH at a looming presence in the sky. The final trailer confirms its worst-kept secret.


The comedic commercial spot is a perfect set-up for Jordan Peele's NOPE which centers around a UFO terrorizing a small black-owned ranch out in California.

“What’s a bad miracle?," asks Daniel Kaluuya's character in the trailer for Jordan Peele's latest horror flick, NOPE. Yeah, we're still sold on this one.

With one tweet, Jordan Peele has the Internet going nuts. The Oscar-winning director announced a new horror film called Nope that isn't dropping until next year, but Twitter is already excited.

Peele is said to be working on a new and untitled project with Keke Palmer landing a key role.

HBO releases its latest sneak peek of the Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams executive-produced series 'Lovecraft Country."


Recently DaCoasta gave fans a sneak peak of the film which featured a paper puppet show that not only gave the backstory to the legend of the Candyman, but at the same time reenacted the 1998 racially motivated murder of James Byrd, Jr. as well as the 1944 execution of 14-year-old George Stinney, Jr. Forever to be known as the youngest person to get the electric chair.