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Jordan Peele Quickly Shuts Down Fan Labeling Him The GOAT of Horror

Source: Rodin Eckenroth / Getty

Based on critics and fan reception, Jordan Peele has another theatrical hit on his hands with NOPE. If you’re considering putting him in the pantheon of horror film directors, he wants you to hold off on that.

Jordan Peele Remains Humble Despite His Box Office Wins

Films like Get Out and Us put Jordan Peele on the map regarding horror directors and, based on the reactions to Nope, should already cement his status as a legendary horror film director, well, at least to some fans.

While fans are eager to anoint Peele as the GOAT of horror films, Jordan Peele remains humble despite his box office successes and tells them to pump the breaks on coronating him.

One Peele fan overstepped a bit in his praise of Peele, writing on Twitter, “I know this is a hot take but at what point do we declare Jordan Peele the best horror director of all time? Can you think of another horror director that had 3 great films, let alone 3 in a row? I can’t.”

If that is the case, that would mean Jordan Peele would have already leap-frogged John Carpenter, the man who gave us Michael Meyer’s and the famed Halloween horror film franchise. Also, his other classics include the sci-fi/horror The Thing, which many horror fanatics hold in high regard.

Fans pointed out Carpenter’s importance to the film genre and the user, of course, had a response to that. “Halloween is a stone cold classic, but the rest of his horror movies aren’t great in my opinion. He has some good ones for sure, but they’re like cult classics in my mind,” he wrote.

Peele heard enough and responded, “Sir, please put the phone down I beg you,” adding, “Sorry. I love your enthusiasm but, I will not tolerate any John Carpenter slander !!!”

We respect that Jordan Peele highly regards those who came before him.

Photo: Rodin Eckenroth / Getty