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Jordan Peele Set To Scare Us All With New Movie Christmas 2024

Source: Variety / Getty / Jordan Peele

Mark your calendars. Jordan Peele is dropping his next masterpiece on Christmas 2024.

Spotted on Variety, Jordan Peele wants to bring holiday scares with his next film, set to arrive in theaters Christmas 2024.

Universal Pictures, which released Peele’s other blockbuster films, Get Out, Us and Nope, has added an “Untitled Fourth Film Directed by Jordan Peele” to its release calendar coming December 25, 2024.

While Peele is amassing a cult following with his films, he will be up against some stiff competition at the box office if this release date holds. According to Variety, Peele’s next movie will release one week after James Cameron’s Avatar 3 and Sonic The Hedgehog 3, both juggernauts regarding raking in the dough.

The big-screen adaptation of the Broadway hit, Wicked, starring Cynthia Erivo, was initially set to hit Christmas, but Universal pushed the film’s release date up to Thanksgiving.

But Wait, There’s More

Also noted in the announcement of Peele’s next film, Universal put another untiled Monkeypaw film coming September 27, 2024, while removing a yet-to-named animated feature off the slate.

As to what these films are about, there are no details, as Peele likes to keep everything close to the chest when it comes to his projects. The director, who is quickly becoming the modern-day Alfred Hitchcock, but don’t you dare call him a legend just yet, likes to keep us in the dark about his movies until it’s time to hit us with a trailer featuring a twisted version of a classic song.

Peele is currently riding on a wave of success. Get Out was his first box office success with a $255 million haul and was a critical darling earning four Oscar nominations. 2019’s Us also brought in $255 million, and 2022’s horror/sci-fi Nope saw him reunite with his Get Out lead, Daniel Kaluuya earning more than $170 million globally.

Photo: Variety / Getty