jury selection

R. Kelly is still trying to work his way out of a possible prison sentence anyway he can. He says the court’s game of hide and go seek isn’t giving him a proper shot to build his defense.

Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer who allegedly sexually assaulted 13 women, is on trial as he faces 36 charges overall. A jury was selected this morning and opening statements will be heard in court later today.

A Florida judge will hold a hearing today to discuss jury selection in George Zimmerman’s second degree murder trail. Earlier in the month, lawyers for Zimmerman unsuccessfully argued to have the trail date pushed back, which the judge found unnecessary.

Jury selection in the murder trial of Lil Boosie has begun. As of Monday (April 30), 700 residents of Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish were selected as potential jurors in the pending murder case. The large number, up 200 people from the usual 500 citizens chosen at random, was narrowed down to 150 people, who […]