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A Florida judge will hold a hearing today to discuss jury selection in George Zimmerman’s second degree murder trail. Earlier in the month, lawyers for Zimmerman unsuccessfully argued to have the trail date pushed back, which the judge found unnecessary.

Lawyers for the 29-year-old, accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, requested today’s hearing which will include a discussion on scheduling. The Huffington Post reports:

Lead attorney Mark O’Mara says in a motion he wants to discuss the process for what he expects will an “extended” jury selection.

O’Mara also wants to nail down the scheduling of Zimmerman’s “stand your ground” hearing in which the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial or if the case should be dismissed. That hearing must be held by the end of April.

As his legal counsel builds a case in defense of the former neighborhood watch captain, they are seeking to talk with Martin’s girlfriend with whom he spoke just before his fatal altercation with Zimmerman. The 18-year-old girlfriend has been identified as “Witness 8,” and allegedly heard Martin ask Zimmerman “What are you following me for?” She also heard Zimmerman tell the slain teen “What are you doing around here?”

The woman was interviewed not long after the incident, which was recorded by an attorney for Martin’s family, and obtained by ABC News. Zimmerman’s legal counsel is requesting that Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson make in mandatory that all recordings of Martin’s voices from 2010, 2011, and 2012 be handed over.

It has yet to be announced if prosecutors will take issue with the request.

Zimmerman shot Martin on Feb. 26, maintaining that he killed the teen in self-defense. His second degree murder trial will begin in June.

Photo:  Joe Burbank-Pool