Keanu Reeves


Has the peace treaty between the machines and humans been broken? Is this the reboot that was spoken of in the previous film?


For a minute there in the mid-00’s it looked like Keanu Reeves was officially washed as The Matrix franchise ended with a thud and his following films flopped like a Troy Ave album (no shots). But then John Wick was born and Keanu was once again “The One” and on the heels of the success […]

Why not? With reboots dropping left and right its only right we get another sequel in The Matrix trilogy.  Variety broke the news yesterday (August 20) that a fourth installment is coming to the famed movie franchise and Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss are returning.

Halle Berry is aiming to heat up the big screen in 2019. She will add some Black girl magic to one Hollywood’s biggest movie franchises.