Kevin Gates has a whole lot of explaining to do. Footage of the rapper blowing an anonymous (so far) woman's back out has hit the Internets, and the consensus is that it's not his wife.

Unless he commits a crime in the state of Lousiana, Kevin Gates won’t ever see the inside in one of the state’s correctional facilities. The rapper managed to get himself banned from stepping foot inside the state’s prisons.

Kevin Gates has been one of Hip-Hop’s most prolific artist, so it seems shocking that his latest studio album is billed as his sophomore effort. With the release of I’m Him, the Baton Rouge rapper seems to have much of Twitter praising the project on a Friday stacked with new music releases.


Ever since Colin Kaepernick decided to sit during the National Anthem and eventually kneel at the behest of retired Green Beret, Nate Boyer, fans have been torn on whether he was protesting police brutality (which he was) or protesting the flag (which he was not).

Controversial rapper Kevin Gates is finally getting out of jail. If all goes to plan, he will be paroled on Wednesday (Jan. 10). 

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Kevin Gates sent a letter to his fans from prison.

Kevin Gates isn’t coming home anytime soon. Today (April 26), the Baton Rouge rapper was sentenced to 30 months in prison for gun charges in Illinois. 


Kevin Gates isn’t going anywhere for a while. The controversial rapper was denied bail in Illinois. 


Kevin Gates time out of the bing was limited. After the controversial rapper finished a sentence in Florida for kicking a female fan in the chest, he flew to Chicago to turn himself in for a warrant on gun charges. 


Kevin Gates just took another L. The controversial rapper was re-arrested on the very day he was supposed to be released after his 6-month jail sentence for kicking a woman.