Kevin Samuels—who was known for his controversial relationship advice has reportedly died due to complications of hypertension according to TMZ. 

Kevin Samuels, the late self-proclaimed image consultant, was among the names mentioned in a BET Awards tribute segment.

The family of the late Samuels says that a GoFundMe reportedly launched to cover funeral costs was not initiated by their side and rejected the funds even though they were offered the cash.

Atlanta sticks with its theme of airing episodes that don't feature the show's four main characters. Season three's ninth episode, "Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga,"  brilliantly tackles what it means to be Black and how Blackness is judged.

Beverly Samuels-Burch, the mother of the popular and controversial media personality, confirmed the passing to NBC News.

Reports are swirling on Twitter that controversial media figure and relationship guru Kevin Samuels has passed away. As it stands, this is largely speculative and most are scrambling for an official source.

Last week while on his live stream show, Samuels was seemingly giving a woman advice while staring at a laptop screen visibly clicking through screens. After a few moments into the guest's story, the camera appears to flip and reveal a man sleeping in the bed, an incident Samuels referred to as a "glitch."

It appears that the two popular social media entities are having a war of words seemingly sparked by Samuels' depiction of Black women, which Johnson took issue with.