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Kevin Samuels may be used to handing out the critiques, but after his most recent live—viewers are the ones left with questions.

Last week while on his live stream show, Samuels was seemingly giving a woman advice while staring at a laptop screen visibly clicking through screens. After a few moments into the guest’s story, the camera appears to flip and reveal a man sleeping in the bed, an incident Samuels referred to as a “glitch.”

While the video is clear that there was a man on the screen, fans are torn between whether the man in question was just a sleeping friend of the YouTube life coach, or something more—a point many women state makes him a hypocrite.

After being dragged online over the “glitch”, Kevin Samuels issued an official statement via a comment over the incident calling the sleeping man a “viewer who fell asleep.”

This isn’t the first time that Samuels practice and sexuality has come into question. As previously reported, last month the Twitter streets were set ablaze after a war of words kicked off between Samuels and Dr. Umar Johnson after the two decided to go head to to head trading shots via social media.

The light sparring began after a viewer appeared on Samuel’s show asking for him to change his approach to a more respectable one in the likes of Dr. Umar, causing the YouTube life coach to point out flaws in the Pan-African activist.

“The man who has two children by two different women that he never married,” said Samuels. “The guy in the last ten years has not built brick one of the school he’s collected money from. The man who calls you ‘queen,’ ‘mother,’ ‘goddess,’ and all this other kind of stuff and again.”

Dr. Umar, who didn’t take the jabs too lightly, took to social media calling Samuels a “YouTubian Beta Male”, before condemning his approach to Black women.