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Dr. Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Africanism” has made quite a name for himself as a fiery orator and public figure, especially within the Black community. However. members of the community he champions turned up the heat on Johnson after a photo of him resurfaced on Twitter of him donning a rather questionable wig.

Johnson has been deemed by many to be a “Hotep,” aka a person who preaches that Black people in America should embrace their African roots with often archaic notions that seemingly shames women. He has reportedly shouted down women wearing weaves, but the photo from 2015 showing Johnson in a curly wig has ignited a firestorm of slander.

A quick sweep of Johnson’s Twitter page revealed no response to the wig jokes, only his busy lecturing schedule, and related tweets.

We’ve collected the best Umar Johnson wig slander we could find on the Internet. If we’ve missed some gems, lace us with your best.

Photo: Twitter

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