Dr. Umar Johnson talks politics, Kanye and racism on 'The Breakfast Club.'

Dr. Umar Johnson was seen on a video talking to a white woman inside a mall that has since gone viral. Johnson commented on the clip.

We definitely didn't have Dr. Umar Johnson marrying two women on our bingo card, and neither did Twitter.

Last week while on his live stream show, Samuels was seemingly giving a woman advice while staring at a laptop screen visibly clicking through screens. After a few moments into the guest's story, the camera appears to flip and reveal a man sleeping in the bed, an incident Samuels referred to as a "glitch."

It appears that the two popular social media entities are having a war of words seemingly sparked by Samuels' depiction of Black women, which Johnson took issue with.


While Johnson has a struggle history that consists of misrepresentations and struggle attempts to raise money for himself, Conley has come off as a straight Trumpian over the weekend as he's offered half-assed information about Trump's stay at the hospital while admitting he's been less than accurate with his information. 

The controversial activist and educator has yet to unveil details of his OnlyFans page but Twitter isn't letting any joke stone go unturned.


Dr. Umar Johnson is a polarizing figure, to put it mildly. The self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Africanism” is getting dragged on Twitter today (July 3) because the people want to see the receipts of all those degrees he claims to have. 

Dr. Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Africanism” has made quite a name for himself as a fiery orator and public figure, especially within the Black community. However. members of the community he champions turned up the heat on Johnson after a photo of him resurfaced on Twitter of him donning a rather questionable wig.