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Twitter Reacts To Dr. Umar Johnson Marrying Two Women On Instagram Live

Source: The Breakfast Club / Umar Johnson

Dr. Umar Johnson has officially scratched one of his goals off his list.

The Pan Africanist is now a married man after he tied the knot with two women in a ceremony broadcast on Instagram Live. If it weren’t for Gossip In The City sharing the video of the nuptials, we wouldn’t have known it even happened.

In the video, two unnamed women he hilariously called “Afrikan vanilla and Afrikan lemonade” can be seen walking down the aisle as a crowd looked on, and Johnson waited for his brides-to-be to meet him at the makeshift altar. Johnson proceeded to give a speech promising to honor his two wives throughout their “marriage.”

Here are Johnson’s words in full as spotted on Madame Noire:

“To my two lovely queens, I thank the creator for the both of you. Afrikan vanilla and Afrikan lemonade. I promise to honor you both forever. I will never leave your side. I shall never look upon another woman in any way other than a sister. I thank you for coming into my world, into my life. You are my goddess.”

“You are the only two women I need. You are the left side of my heart, and you are the right. Until the day we leave to be with our ancestors. I promise to always honor you as the goddess that you are. May God protect our family. May God bless our union.”

After his speech, Johnson gets down on one knee and proceeds to put rings on both women’s fingers, hugging and kissing them after being pronounced man and wives.

When news of Johnson’s “marriage” hit Twitter, users were quick to point out that being married to two women was, in fact, of Johnson’s goals, and he has said as much during one of his video rants that now have become running gags.

But there is a catch, polygamy is illegal in the United States, so his marriage isn’t official, but Johnson doesn’t need “white man paperwork ” to validate his union with the two women. He has had made that quite clear.

We definitely didn’t have Dr. Umar Johnson marrying two women on our bingo card, and neither did Twitter.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: The Breakfast Club / Umar Johnson


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