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Dr. Umar Johnson has his fair share of critics and detractors and it appears recent comments he made during a podcast interview will add to those ranks. During the discussion, Dr. Umar Johnson expressed disappointment in the perception some men hold regarding the role of women in society despite getting pushback on his stances from the show’s hosts.

Dr. Umar Johnson was a guest on the Daily Rap Up Crew show and a series of clips from Dr. Johnson’s appearance have since gone viral. In one especially heated exchange, Johnson explains

“At the end of the day, if I’m a call myself a man, the ultimate responsibility for the reconstruction of the Black community rests with me,” Johnson said to the trio of hosts for the Daily Rap Up Crew. “Yes, they [Black Women] have a role. Yes, they have responsibility. But as a man, as a leader, to say ‘I can’t fix this sh*t unless she changes’ — that’s not the definition of a man.”

Johnson received pushback at this point when one of the hosts retorted by saying that the current pool of women to choose for a mate is, in the host’s words, “masculine” and does not want to raise the children of another man. The host added that too much of the onus has been put on Black men to conform to women, but Johnson fired back.

“Why is she masculine? Because she had to raise the kids alone,” Johnson fired back before getting cut off and returning the energy. I’m telling you, mistakes made by Black men systemically gave rise to the conditions that allowed her to be masculine and made her end up with a man that you consider to be less than he should be. And I’m telling you, Black men are responsible for her being masculine because we have not helped her raise them children.”

To view the portion of the discussion we reference above, hop to the 10:00-minute mark in the video below.

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