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The entire world was shocked (but not surprised) when Donald Trump confirmed that he had indeed become the latest person to contract the much dreaded Coronavirus.

While the world awaited updates on his condition from the doctors at Walter Reed Medical Center, what we got was a clusterfuck of confusing information from his doctor, Sean Conley, who’s only created more questions with the answers he’s provided over the weekend. Well, as it turns out the “President”‘s personal physician seems to have gotten his medical degree from the same school as the controversial Dr. Umar Johnson. Nah, for real.

According to News One, both Sean Conley and Umar Johnson are proud graduates of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine which begs the question, the f*ck is going on up there? While Johnson has a history that consists of misrepresentations and struggle attempts to raise money for a few projects, Conley has come off as a straight Trumpian over the weekend as he’s offered half-assed information about Trump’s stay at the hospital while admitting he’s been less than accurate with his information.

What the heck does giving information that “might steer the illness in another direction” even mean? Is the Rona a spiteful virus? Can it be angered? Sweet talked? Is Dr. Conley trying to be the Rona whisperer?

To be fair though, Donald Trump does have a history of having people lie for him to make it seem like he’s a damn deity and Conley could be the latest person to be forced to lie on behalf of the conman.

On the other hand if Conley decided to make the decision himself to mislead the public with his information, it’s lowkey disturbing that this man will be continuing to practice medicine on other patients who’ll now have to worry about the man refusing to tell them something serious because it may “steer the illness in another direction.”