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Kevin Samuels

Source: Screencap / Instagram

Reports are swirling on Twitter that controversial media figure and relationship guru Kevin Samuels has passed away. As it stands, this is largely speculative and most are scrambling for an official source.

Samuels, 56, garnered massive fame due to his biting comments regarding how women should date, using terms that suggest these women shouldn’t aspire to date men supposedly outside their league. To be fair, Samuels shares similar critique and harsh barbs towards men but those moments haven’t gained the traction as the former.

With a large following and popular livestreams that often went viral, Samuels cornered the market as a new-age relationship expert who often rankled observers with his assessments of women’s appearances and stating that single women over a certain age were less than desirable as mates. Comments such as these garnered Samuels a bevy of critique that he seemingly welcomed, often leaning into his stances even more as a result.

It should be noted that Hip-Hop Wired still has not seen an official source confirming the news of Samuels’ passing despite some outlets claiming to have credible sources stating otherwise. Our reporting was simply regarding the chatter online around the news and not a proof of death confirmation.

We’ve gathered reactions from Twitter and we’ll update this post when details emerge.

UPDATE: According to a report from NBC News, the mother of Kevin Samuels, Beverly Samuels-Burch, confirmed that the media personality has died.

“That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been notified,” she said in a phone call on Friday. “All I’m doing is requesting that people pray for us.”

Condolences to the family and friends of Kevin Samuels.

Photo: Instagram