Kicked Out

Remember that crazy-eyed actress (Jemima Kirke) from Girls that was in Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” video? The one that we pointed out here as looking kind of…off? Well it turns out that thanks to her antics she was kicked out of the video shoot by Hova’s security. 

Trick Daddy and Lil Wayne are far from friends. Reportedly, Da Mayor of Dade County rolled up to the King Of Diamonds strip club while Weezy was hosting a party to check the rapper  over the comments he said about the city of Miami during his infamous anti-Miami Heat rant. 

Gucci Mane couldn’t let Lil Wayne’s health issues get all the shine on Twitter last night (March 15). Before dropping a pair of mixtapes, Trap Back 2 and East Atlanta Memphis, La Flare let the Internets know that his on again, off again business relationship with Waka Flocka is a wrap.

Lil Wayne is back beefing with yet another NBA franchise. Today, the YMCMB rapper claims that he was kicked out of the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Miami Heat game in Miami. However, the Miami Heat say he voluntarily bounced while a witness say it’s because the rapper threatened a fan.