The Hall of Fame star offered his thoughts on unvaccinated players in the league and expressed some disappointment

The Brooklyn Nets issued a statement on Tuesday (October 12) that they'll be sitting the All-Star guard until he complies with New York's citywide vaccination rules.


Well, he's not wrong. Should Kyrie continue to refuse to get the jab he can end up losing up to $17.5 million in lost paychecks.

Ask some of his past teams or teammates, and they might say dealing with Kyrie Irving can be precarious. Nike is learning this first hand as the NBA superstar point guard aired out the brand over his alleged non-involvement in the design and marketing of his next signature sneaker.

Kyrie Irving is pushing for one fitting tribute for his idol Kobe Bryant that will last forever if it happens and is proud to lead the charge calling for it.

Kyrie Irving is not be doing work on the basketball court right now, but he is continuing to be active when it comes to the social justice front.