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Jaylen Brown Says He Mistook Black Israelites For Fraternity

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We haven’t seen a situation whoop people’s a**** like this Kyrie Irving one. Jaylen Brown has been very vocal after the Brooklyn Nets suspended Irving, but he is eating crow this time.

After fulfilling the so-called “emasculating” conditions the Brooklyn Nets imposed on him, Kyrie Irving returned to the court on Sunday, Nov. 20.

His return wasn’t without some theatrics, while Irving was just focused on basketball after dropping not one but two heartfelt apologies. Outside of the Barclays Center, there was plenty of noise being made.

Video of a group of Black men representing Israel United in Christ organization, showing up in matching purple shirts to show support to Kyrie Irving surfaced.

Jaylen Brown retweeted the video, writing in the caption “Energy,” showing he fully agreed with what he saw.

Brown was unaware that the Israel United in Christ organization was labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

CBS Sports reports the men were handing out “flyers containing Radical Hebrew Israelite propaganda.” They also handed out the same brochure during the Knicks vs. Nets matchup on Nov. 9.

Welp, after learning exactly what that group stands for, Brown issued a clarification claiming he mistook the group of men for a fraternity step’n and showing support.

“I was not aware of what specific group that was outside of Barclay’s Center tonight. I was celebrating the unification of our people welcoming the return of Kyrie to the court, first glance I thought it was a known fraternity the (C/Que’s) Omega psi phi (step’n) showing support.”

Jaylen Brown Wasn’t Done Explaining Himself

Brown further clarified in another interview what he thought he was supporting.

“My instincts when I first saw that video comes from a community torn every day by the systemic representation of images of violence in our community,” Brown said. “So when I saw that video, it struck a chord for different reasons. I saw a large group of our people from our community showing support for [Kyrie] and his return.”

Twitter is not buying what the former DONDA Sports athlete is selling.

The usual suspects, like Bishop Talbert Swan, are in his corner. “Now they have Jaylen Brown, apologizing and explaining himself for tweeting a video of the Hebrew Israelites gathering in support of Kyrie. This censorship of Black male speech is insane,” he wrote in a tweet. 

Maybe Jaylen Brown should “do his research” before he is quick to put his support behind something.

Just saying.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Sean Gardner / Getty


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