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Kyrie Irving Has "Productive Meeting" With David Stern

Source: Dustin Satloff / Getty

The saga Kyrie Irving brought on himself is slowly coming to a resolution. The Brooklyn Nets guard did meet with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, and details have emerged from the meeting.

Spotting on, Kyrie Irving and Adam Silver met on Tuesday morning, November 8, and according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the discussions were productive.

Per SI.Com:

On Tuesday afternoon, The Athletic’s Shams Charania revealed details of the meeting, calling it a “productive and understanding visit” that paved the way for “the Nets and their suspended star to work through his steps on a potential path forward.”

It is unclear if the Nets plan on removing any of the current requirements that Irving must complete in order to rejoin the team, or if perhaps this meeting with Silver will lead to Irving completing them soon; however, the wording from Shams seems to indicate that a path to his return is now more likely than it seemed just days ago.

Before news of the meeting, there was plenty of doubt in the air if Kyrie Irving would even attempt to fulfill the requirements the Brooklyn Nets slapped him with to return to the team.

Irving has been on the outs with the Nets after he failed to properly apologize for sharing a link to a film full of antisemitic nonsense, including denying the Holocaust happened.

The Brooklyn Nets guard ignored messages from the man who signs who paychecks, owner Joe Tsai leaving the team no choice but to take the action it did.

Many wondered if Irving would bounce a basketball in the NBA again following the fallout, but based on this latest information, he will be hooping, probably sooner than we think.

We shall see.

Some Feel Kyrie Irving’s Punishment Is Too Harsh

Even though Kyrie Irving has no one to blame for his current predicament but himself, plenty is still willing to die on the Kyrie Irving hill.

Ironically, Hip-Hop antisemite Kanye West’s homeboy and now former DONDA Sports athlete Jaylen Brown thinks the stipulations the Brooklyn Nets gave Kyrie Irving are too much.

Brown, who is a VP in the NBPA said the reinstatement requirements are “too harsh.

#IStandWithKyrieIrving is currently trending on Twitter with calls for people to boycott Nike after the company dropped Irving as a signature athlete, LeBron James after he condemned antisemitism and didn’t cape for Irving as well as the NBA.

We’re sure none of those things are happening.

Photo: Dustin Satloff / Getty