LiAngelo Ball

LiAngelo Ball aka Lonzo Ball’s brother is in denial of his basketball talents. According to LaVar Ball’s son, he didn’t get drafted due to the sunglasses stealing incident in China while he was still a member of UCLA’s basketball team. 

The Big Baller Brand European experiment didn’t end well by any means, this after brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball left the squad before the season was over. The team issued a press release blasting LaVar Ball and his sons, saying they tried to “destroy the club.”

If nothing else, LaVar Ball believes in his boys and their prowess on the basketball court. Although his son LiAngelo Ball went undrafted in last night’s NBA Draft, the patriarch of the Ball clan said that if the Los Angeles Lakers trade Lonzo Ball, it won’t fare well for them.

The jig is up. LiAngelo Ball—Lonzo’s brother, LaVar’s son—went undrafted during last night’s (June 21) 2018 NBA Draft. 

LiAngelo Ball’s fondness for free designer eyewear is still not behind him. He is a good sport in a new commercial that jokingly alludes to his sticky fingers.

Donald Trump lied, as usual. Just as many suspected, the alleged POTUS had nothing to do with the release of then UCLA players LiAngelo Ball and two of his teammates from jail in China after they had been caught shoplifting. 


Ever since insisting that his son Lonzo Ball was better than two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry (and every other NBA player for that matter) last year, Lavar Ball has been a lightning rod for all kinds of basketball and even political related “controversies.”

It appeared all but inevitable that LiAngelo Ball‘s college career was coming to an end, and that was confirmed when he signed with the same agent that represents his older brother, Lonzo Ball. LiAngleo and his younger brother LaMelo Ball, who also signed with the agent, have agreed to play one year overseas for a […]

LaMelo Ball’s college career is over before it even had a chance to start. The formerly UCLA-bound, eventually, teenager has signed with an agent, thus his amateur career is a wrap.

LiAngelo Ball sat down with his father LaVar Ball with NBC's TODAY Wednesday morning (Dec. 5), and detailed his "horrible" jail stay in China.


LiAngelo Ball has left UCLA’s basketball program before ever playing a game for the team. Reportedly, LaVar Ball has removed his shoplifting son from the team and school. 

Donald Trump is mad at LaVar Ball as evidenced by Twitter where the president fired off messages that he should have kept the UCLA players in China's jail.