Alpo Martinez has been dead for months and his story continues to get more interesting. A new article explores his double life as a member of the witness protection program.

Even in his afterlife, Alpo’s name continues to ring bells. A new article details his low profile life in Maine under an alias.

DMX has mellowed out quite a bit since going free from prison at the top of the year, and recent appearances of the veteran rapper showcase him enjoying the life of a beloved star. Realizing his good fortune after selling millions of albums since the late 1990s, Darkman X blessed a Maine family with shoes […]

A Maine town finds itself an unwilling center of controversy after a resident placed an offensive sign on his front lawn that mocked the Black Lives Matter movement. A Boothbay Harbor man put up a sign that read “Black Rifles Matter,” and said  BLM activists should be flattered by his adoption of the phrase.

Over the weekend, a Black community activist was walking in Maine with her White husband and two children when a car sped by and a man yelled the “n-word” at them. A White reporter witnessed the act and wrote about it but didn’t approach the family. The activist, who is also a blogger, schooled the […]

The President of the United States’ sneaker game is quite official. If all went to plan, Maine Representative Michael Michaud presented Barack Obama with a custom pair of New Balance 990 running sneakers at a Portland fundraiser. The kicks are a gift that Michaud hopes will remind Obama  to support legislation that will get the Department of Defense to […]

Gay marriage supporters have to be overcome with joy after the nation’s capital voted to legalize gay marriage! The bill, introduced by gay city councilman David Catania, was signed into law by Mayor Adrian Fenty and is expected to go into effect around St. Patrick’s Day. Most members of D.C.’s city council voted in favor […]

Voters on the East Coast have spoken, and their voice sounds very familiar. Citizens of Maine have opted to repeal a state law yesterday that allowed same-sex couples to be married, adding validity to the ideology that marriage can only legally be between one man and one woman. The stance is reminiscent of the one […]