Word to Oz fans, Adebisi is back in action—sort of. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, the actor who played Adebisi on the HBO series, has landed a role in Thor: The Dark World, reports Variety. Agbaje has grabbed two roles in the film, starring Chris Hemsworth, who also brought the character to The Avengers. The British actor–whose acting […]


The recent Marvel comic book film adaptations have been jaw-dropping– especially this year’s smash hit The Avengers. Marvel Studios has also teased that they may release a film centered on the first superhero of African descent with the character Black Panther. At Comic-Con last week in San Diego, a bigger bombshell was hinted at with […]

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Fans of pioneering Marvel Comics character Black Panther have been anticipating a big screen adaptation of the story of the African warrior and chief of the technologically advanced Wakanda nation ever since Wesley Snipes announced plans to make a live action film almost twenty years ago. After various snags and halts, the Black Panther franchise will […]


Summer 2010 is shaping up to be one for the ages. Traditionally the most important time of the year for Hollywood, movie buffs and comic book aficionados are finding themselves impatiently waiting on the silver screen gifts that have been promised to them by movie studios. Marvel, the premier name in graphic novels, is looking […]