The Wesleyan molly overdoses have made national news at the prestigious Connecticut university and you already knew someone would have to pay. Police have arrested four students in the connection with the drug abuse, which sent twelve students to the hospital. Reports Raw Story: The students — 21-year-old Eric Lonergan, 21-year-old Zachary Kramer, 20-year-old Andrew […]


Yeah, kids are still popping molly. Eleven Wesleyan University students overdosed on the drug medically known as MDMA sometime late Saturday night/early Sunday morning (Feb. 22). 


You might want to re-think popping that Molly. The popular drug, a purified variant of MDMA aka ecstasy, is being blamed for recent overdoses and deaths, including the two people who died at the Electric Zoo music festival in NYC this past weekend. 

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For reasons unknown to most of us, rappers and Molly seem to go hand in hand now.