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For reasons unknown to most of us, rappers and Molly seem to go hand in hand now.

Most may blame Trinidad James and his catchy “All Gold Everything” for sparking the mainstream craze for the drug, but rappers have been talking about the drug for quite a while before that.

Whether rappers are running out of material, or the drug has something in it that makes you talk about popping the pill all the time, it has landed in more songs that we can count. Need proof? We’ve pulled up at least 10 records that have come out strictly about Molly in the early part of 2013

Even though 2013 is barely a month old, Molly is more popular than any type of vice for some reason. We don’t condone any drug use from our readers, in fact, we denounce it. However, your favorite artists can’t seem to stop singing about it.

Get a listen and look at some of the most popular artists rapping and singing about the pure form of MDMA in 2013 after the jump.

Photo: Jay B. Dennis

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