Tyga’s lawyers are up to their necks in paperwork and the boy T-Raww just gave them another headache after he allegedly refused to pay the producer for one of his biggest hits, “Molly.”

If you’re still under the impression that taking molly is harmless party drug that’s still cool to recite in rap songs, allow the tragic case of Victoria Callahan to alter your thinking.

Somebody in Ireland might be high, or maybe just not good with setting laws? The country accidentally legalized molly, crystal meth, shrooms, ketamine, and over 100 other drugs for one day. 

The Wesleyan molly overdoses have made national news at the prestigious Connecticut university and you already knew someone would have to pay. Police have arrested four students in the connection with the drug abuse, which sent twelve students to the hospital. Reports Raw Story: The students — 21-year-old Eric Lonergan, 21-year-old Zachary Kramer, 20-year-old Andrew […]

Yeah, kids are still popping molly. Eleven Wesleyan University students overdosed on the drug medically known as MDMA sometime late Saturday night/early Sunday morning (Feb. 22). 

After reports earlier this month regarding the alleged “Molly”-induced deaths of a pair of Electric Zoo attendees, investigators suspect a knockoff version of the drug may have been the culprit. Authorities are now looking to determine if a bath salts-related substance was responsible for the overdoses.

A Manhattan woman was allegedly drugged with the popular drug “molly” and raped several times by a man she met on Craigslist last month. The man is currently facing a list of charges and is due in court later this month.

You might want to re-think popping that Molly. The popular drug, a purified variant of MDMA aka ecstasy, is being blamed for recent overdoses and deaths, including the two people who died at the Electric Zoo music festival in NYC this past weekend. 

With the overwhelming amount of Molly references currently infiltrating Hip-Hop music, Kendrick Lamar has had enough. The Compton rapper attached a visual addendum to his latest video, “B-tch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” respectfully requesting a “death to Molly.”

When will the molly references stop? The answer would be no time soon, if you’re gauging from Tyga‘s latest single, aptly titled “Molly,” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Mally Mall.

What is going on in the Hip-Hop community and blatant drug use? In recent news, Soulja Boy and even Justin Bieber, allegedly, were spotted with a mystical cup of that “lean” in hand.

Ill-timed lyrics are nothing new in Hip-Hop, as evidenced by Lil Wayne’s feature on Future’s “Karate Chop” and that inappropriate Emmitt Till line. Today’s contestant in the questionable bars sweepstakes is Rick Ross, who crossed the line in alleging date-r*pe on Rocko’s latest single “YounEEnKnoIT.”