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A Manhattan woman was allegedly drugged with the popular drug “molly” and raped several times by a man she met on Craigslist last month. The man is currently facing a list of charges and is due in court later this month.

DNAInfo’s On The Inside reports that the 23-year-old victim met 31-year-old Soutrik Pramanik on August 12 after she posted a Craigslist advertisement that she was looking for a long-term relationship. The pair met at a Brooklyn restaurant near Pramanik’s Bushwick apartment, and told cops she had five glasses of wine with dinner.

After leaving dinner and heading to another place to have dessert, she fell asleep during the cab ride and ended up in front of Pramanik’s home. Saying she was tired, the woman asked to rest and Pramanik reportedly made s-xual advances towards her. After fending him off, the woman asked for water and tasted a foul substance in the drink. Pramanik then gave her some fruit juice, which also had the same taste of the water.

Pramanik allegedly then admitted her drugged the woman with molly and tried to undress her. Unable to resist, the woman says Pramanik raped her several times. The victim asked Pramanik to use a condom and he did so, according to a tip given to DNAInfo. Continuing his assault, Pramanik and the victim woke the next morning to breakfast and used drugs together.

The victim remained in Pramanik’s apartment after he left to get more condoms and ice cream, and he reportedly assaulted her again. Instead of accepting a cab ride home, Pramanik walked the woman to a local subway stop. Upon returning home, the woman dialed 911.

Pramanik was arrested last week and was charged with rape, assault, criminal s-x act, s-xual misconduct and s-xual abuse. He is expected in court September 26 to answer to the charges. Pramanik is currently out on $50,000 bail.

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