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Today’s Wired Tracks highlights two songs of polar opposite varieties: Jhené Aiko’s “In a World of My Own/Very Good Advice” and Migos’ “Pipe It Up (Remix).”

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Even with the sizeable amount of noteworthy releases this year, come this Halloween season, no living soul can complain about not having any “real Hip-Hop” to bob their head to.

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August has drawn to a close and the weather has gone from days in the 90s where it’s a nonstop parade of sundresses to days barely breaking the 70s where jeans, windbreakers & pullovers are the outfits of the day. As we enter the Fall Choosing Season, the precursor to Cuffing Season, will be underway. […]


Historically, California MCs have done a phenomenal job with capturing West Coast life in visuals, and MED and Blu’s “Burgundy Whip” is no different. Jimetta Rose, who lent her vocals on the chorus, also made a brief appearance towards the end of the shots.

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Stones Throw officially packages “Burgundy Whip,” by MED and Blu, though it has been floating through the blogosphere for some time. The funky track was produced by none other than the infamous Madlib, and will appear on Blu and Med’s nine track EP, The Burgundy. Fans can purchase the project on vinyl at Stones Throw and mp3 starting February 19. […]

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Off kilter isn’t an adequate enough description for Oh No‘s set of visuals for “Jones’s,” featuring Blu and MED. Credit that to Hayden Baptiste, who directed the creative shots.